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Helping you live your best and most beautiful life​

Jill Bennett

Hi, I’m Jill Bennett

I am here to explore the meaning of a beautiful and healthy life.  By creating those experiences for myself I am better equipped to convey my knowledge to others to empower them to live their most beautiful and healthy life.

How Can I Help You?

You CAN wake up every day feeling happy and full of energy! Have your best skin, feel comfortable in your body, and be happy.


Join Jill (Women’s Health Advocate and Brooklands Radio presenter) every Monday when she and her guests chat about how you can live your best and most beautiful life.

Are you one of the 3 million UK citizens who want to start a business this year?  If you are ready for change, then work with Jill.

Why Work with Jill

In her early 60s Jill has a wealth of experience in life – she’s fit, healthy and most of all happy.  If you have a challenge and you’re prepared to put in the work to try and solve it, Jill can help!

30 days to healthy living

You can wake every day feeling happy and full of energy.  Zig Zigler said: “You don’t have to be great to get started (on your healthy living journey) but you have to get started to be great! 

Build another stream of income

There are two types of people in this world, those leaving their financial success in the hands of their employers and those who take full responsibility to build their own future.

Improve your skin

Many of us dream of perfect skin but realistically we all have a few concerns. Just imagine how you’ll feel with a hydrated and glowing complexion?

Podcast and YouTube channels

As B.K.S. Iyengar says: Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.  Listen/watch Jill and her guests talking about health, wellness and generally living your best life on her podcast and YouTube channels.

What about you?

Just out of curiosity do you feel the need to feel healthier, fitter, have more energy, sleep better or fit into your clothes? 

Maybe you want to escape a corporate role you’ve outgrown or grow another stream of income? 

The good news is that there are many ways in which JIll can help. 

What happens next?

Just book a call with Jill! Most people who do find some help.

FROM my healthy CLIENTS

I've been using a mixture of Jill's products for a few years now. The skincare is gorgeous and really works to keep my skin hydrated. Her nutrition helps me to start the day with a healthy but very quick breakfast shake so I'm on track each morning. JIll is always available for questions and her support means the world to me.
Making changes is helped by changing habits and that is why I started Jill’s 30 day challenge. Replacing breakfast with a high quality protein shake meant that I didn’t need lunch as I wasn’t hungry. Feeling low on energy was conquered with a fizz stick (a healthy energy boost in half a litre of water) and kept me going till dinner. It was an easy way to get myself into a routine of less calories and healthy alternatives. All that time Jill offered her daily emails but more importantly for me her almost ‘on demand’ support with her knowledge and warm understanding. A great system to change habits and health which I can highly recommend.
Jill has been a life saviour with her health and wellness products. They have now been assimilated into my life. Rescuing me from years or gut problems with her amazing products and giving me renewed energy. Jill is constantly giving me referrals for my leasing company and she’s always at the end of the phone for an inspirational catch up. She is a consummate professional but with the life skills and passion, she has become a lifelong friend. She’s become an asset and an alliance. I’m pleased to have her in my life. Jill you are worldly lady who shows understanding and wisdom.

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