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Jill has been a presenter on Brooklands Radio, The Sound of Surrey for 6 years and loves it!  With no background in broadcasting Jill fell into it by accident and realised she’s found her true vocation in life.

In 2022 she took the plunge to start her own podcast “What’s a Beautiful Life Anyway?” and YouTube channel “Living Beautifully with Jill Bennett” to continue with her theme of exploring the meaning of a beautiful and healthy life.  By creating those experiences for herself she isbetter equipped to convey her knowledge to others to empower them to live their most beautiful and healthy life.

New episodes come out every Monday morning and Jill has some amazing guests all who have specialist knowledge in an area that will help you improve your life.  For example: mindset coaches, nutrition experts, NLP practitioners, psychotherapists and many, many more.

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