~ About Me ~

Jill Bennett working from home

Changing Times

Whether you are experiencing a particular health or life issue, have a newly developed health and beauty routine and/or feel rather overwhelmed by the amount of information available everywhere, I hope I can help you in some way.

I’m Jill Bennett, welcome to my world.

Core values that I believe in


I believe in speaking as I believe and find.  I take responsibility for my life and I try to be honest with everyone. 


I am strong and confident and control my own life and I want to help empower others to live their best life too.


Responsibility goes hand in hand with my other core values.  I love to show others how to be responsible and own their own life too!


We all have the right to be free and I love that I have the right to be unapologetically me! 

Living Beautifully with Jill Bennett
My mission is to explore the meaning of a beautiful and healthy life. By creating those experiences for myself I am better equipped to convey my knowledge to others to empower them to live their most beautiful and healthy life.
Jill Bennett

FROM my healthy CLIENTS

Jill recommended some products to help with my sensitive skin and, having invested so much in so many different products - some of them really expensive - but hers is the first that has made a difference. I have been using them for a couple of years and my skin is much calmer. I also use some of the make-up which I really like. I love the hand lotion too: it is rich, nourishing and smells wonderful. Jill offers great advice and is never pushy.
My wanting to speak to Jill just over 10 years ago about a skincare business surprised us both! I wasn’t looking for new skincare and neither did I think I was looking for a new business, but what I have realised since is that little talk Jill gave at a networking event spoke to me and my deep down need for freedom in both my professional and personal life and would later go on to (and still does) inspire me to make changes in my life. What Jill does not know about how to live beautifully is not worth knowing and it’s so much more than beautiful, effective vegan products. What you get from Jill is a living walking breathing manual of how to live beautifully in every aspect of your life. My suggestion, give her a call and experience the powerhouse that is Jill Bennett.
I have used skin care products recommended by Jill for the almost 10 years and this is testament to how much I value her advice on the fantastic products which have helped keep my skin more supple and slow the signs of ageing. My favourite of all the products I use is the night cream which really nourishes the skin whilst feeling light and is quickly absorbed. Through Jill's careful guidance I am now beginning to try out other health products and especially like the collagen boost which is beneficial to hair and nails in addition to skin. Jill is passionate about health and beauty products, thoroughly researches everything she promotes and raises awareness of current trends and issues relevant to the global benefits of sustainability and plant based products. The changes to my skin have been incremental and it is only when someone comments on your healthy, glowing skin that you realise it's worth the effort and cost. I will certainly continue to consult Jill and listen to her posts and podcasts as she is always ahead of the game.

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